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The “Meetings Mean Business” initiative, which re-launched in Boston in January at PCMA’s Convening Leaders conference, means business. Early last month, the coalition embarked on “a strategic campaign to educate both the public and private sectors on the value of meetings and events,” a plan “intended to put the industry in an offensive, rather than defensive, mode.”

MPISCC Registration Assistance Available

REGISTRATION ASSISTANCE: We care about our MPISCC members! MPISCC members with a demonstrated financial hardship (unemployment, family trauma, etc.) may request a complimentary registration for up to three monthly programs per year. Please email the MPISCC office to explain your situation. You will need to apply for this registration prior to the Early Bird deadline.

“One Industry, One Voice”

To leverage our size and relationships, we will take a multi‐faceted approach to creating awareness. First, as stated above, we will provide our community with talking points for members and the meeting industry. We will build upon the campaign MPI started in April by updating the “One Industry, One Voice” page on our MPI website. This will serve as a repository of updated information and tools to use to become a grassroots advocate. The tool kits, research and letter templates that are part of the “One Industry, One Voice” page can be found here.

MPI Advocacy Letter

MPISCC Connections Program

MPISCC’s Connections program is an opportunity for our members to tap into the vast collective knowledge of our chapter, and to share that knowledge on an individual level. The Connections Program allows you to meet with your peers on a one-on-one basis to accomplish a particular goal you’re striving to achieve.

Make a Connection to:

  • Learn more about our chapter, or if you feel shy about networking

  • Boost your knowledge of technology or emerging media

  • Look for new ways to market your business or inquire about a new niche in the industry

If you have a unique skill or area of expertise, or are a long-time member of our chapter looking to share your years of experience, be a Connector! Fill out the MPISCC Connections Profile Form to support the growth of our industry at the individual level.

Whether you are looking to Get Connected, be a Connector, or even better – both, fill out the Connections Profile to be matched with a counterpart based on corresponding needs and skills provided. MPISCC will get you Connected!