Eight Meetings Tech Trends to Watch for 2018

By Corbin Ball, CMP, CSP These are exciting times. The rate of technology change is accelerating with thousands of ideas, apps and innovations bubbling up to help meeting planners, exhibitors, venues and other meeting participants to do their jobs better and improve the attendee experience. T...

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Meet Alex Chan, the 2016 recipient of Beverly Laing Student Scholarship Fund

By Alex Chan  Due to my busy work and school schedule, I was only able to attend a few MPI events this year, but the ones I did were very impactful. One of the most memorable for me was the MPI State of the Industry educational luncheon held at the LA Convention Center. The keynote speaker was...

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3 Easy Ways to Exponentially Improve Live Music at Your Event

By Veronica Puleo There are so many things to consider when you hire a band that performs live: Safety, floor plan, power drops, generator (for outdoor events), shelter from the sun, changing room, lighting, sound engineer, band visibility… you’ve got all that down. However, there are ...

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