Meet Alex Chan, the 2016 recipient of Beverly Laing Student Scholarship Fund

By Alex Chan 

Due to my busy work and school schedule, I was only able to attend a few MPI events this year, but the ones I did were very impactful. One of the most memorable for me was the MPI State of the Industry educational luncheon held at the LA Convention Center. The keynote speaker was Mr. Steve Pufpaf, Vice President of Sales from Southwest for Marriott International. This was a great event to attend because the topic was relevant to my passion for the hospitality industry. The topic was regarding the Starwood Marriott merger - very timely and relevant to our attendees. One fascinating fact I learned was that when Starwood and Marriott merged, they expected to see most guest reward accounts to overlap, but in actuality it was only 15% of their total rewards members. This speaks volumes as to how loyal customers are to their respective brands.

Since receiving the Beverly Laing scholarship, I was able to discover a new part of the hospitality industry and to learn more about myself. I was never blessed to have known Mrs. Beverly Liang herself, but I saw a glimpse of her spirit through her friends and collegaues I met at MPISCC.  Some of them approached me the night I was awarded the scholarship and their generosity and love meant so much to me. If it was not for the scholarship, then I would have never had the opportunity to learn and grow through MPI. I look forward to the day when I can give back in return.

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